The Hall Family's 1999 Thanksgiving Day Plans

Dinner will be in Angels Camp
November 25, 1999, 3:00 p.m.

WorldMark at Angels Camp
123 Selkirk Ranch Road

One way to get there from Fresno:

Take Highway 99 North to Highway 4 East. Drive approximately 48 miles to the intersection with Highway 49 and a stop sign. Turn right onto 49, then right onto Stockton Street (just before Taco Bell). Proceed past the cemetery to another stop sign and turn left onto Angel Oaks Drive, then right onto Selkirk Ranch Road. Take an immediate left onto Jumping Frog Way. The WorldMark at Angels Camp check-in office will be the first building on your left.

Feel like you need more info? Here's Yahoo's map of Angels Camp.

Still not enough? Here are Yahoo's driving directions from Fresno to Angel's Camp.

Several things to bring there from Fresno:

Wayne & Katie:

  • Your Kids
  • Pumpkin pies
  • Fruit salad

Mom & Gordon:

  • No Kids
  • Bag of potatoes
  • Rolls


  • Swimsuits & towels
  • Favorite move and/or games
  • tennis raquets? golf clubs?

Be sure to e-mail Jan to let her know you received this information.

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