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Sat, 14 May 2022

May 2022 Cathedral Gorge and Fossil Canyon

I have been wanting to take a trip back to Cathedral Gorge to try to take some star pictures. Thomas agreed to go with me and we took the three hour drive on a Friday night after he got off work. We arrived late and spent several hours taking some pictures. In addition to trying to learn the techniques, we hadn't counted on how cold it would be. We were at about 4000 feet elevation and had only brought light jackets. We managed to get some pictures of stars, but there was no moon and so we couldn't get the rocks in the foreground to look good. Plus, the Milky Way didn't appear until after we were in bed and by then we were too cold to take more pictures.



After a very cold, mostly sleepless night, we got up to explore the area and take a few more pictures before driving home. We will want to go back and try it again, maybe when there is a moon so that we can get better pictures of the rocks with the stars.







This weekend, the family went on a hike to Fossil Canyon. It's in Red Rock, so only about a half hour away. We went early, while it was still cool and had a nice hike.

We took pictures,

thumb.taking flower pictures.JPG

thumb.Thomas taking cactus picture.JPG

and looked for fossils,

thumb.looking for fossils.JPG  

thumb.finding fossils.JPG

and climbed on rocks,

thumb.climbing on rocks.JPG

and it was a nice morning.

thumb.Hiking fossil canyon.JPG

thumb.Hike to fossil canyon.JPG


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