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Fri, 21 Dec 2012

Pictures from the MTC


These are my first two companions Elders Gallagher (the tall one) and Cobia (the pelerojo).


Elder Ortolano, my second companion. Believe it or not, he's full-blooded Brazilian. 


  Elder Hammond, another Elder in the zone. He has since left for the Peru MTC.


  Me and Elder Ortolano at the Temple.  


 My district minus two: Elder Cobia, Elder Gallagher, Hermana Earl, Me, Elder Ortololano, Elder Hammond, Elder Suxo-Sanchez.




My district with one one our teachers, Hermana Baum. She served in Florida and is an art major at BYU.


  Had to have one of these, right.


Another of our teachers, Hermana Keller. She's in a dental hygiene program at UVU. She plays the mandolin.


Me and my current companion, Elder Solis. He's from Fresno.



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December 21, 2012
Not a lot has happened this week. It's pretty routine at the MTC, it doesn't even feel like Christmas. They've got a few lights and decorations up, but since we spend most of the time in our classroom, we don't ever see any of them. Elder Solis has been sick this week, so that's been kind of hard to deal with. It has been snowing, we've got about four inches right now, and it's super cold. My district hosted this week, so we stood out on the curb as new missionaries came in and helped them get to where they needed to be. It was cold, but enjoyable; we got seven hundred people in on Wednesday. And among them were our first jovenes, so the MTC should be getting pretty full in the next few weeks (after next week when no one is coming because it's the day after Christmas, although I don't know that that would be any worse than six days before Christmas, but I don't make the arrangements for these things, so I don't know that I should make any comments about how they do these things). At the Sunday fireside, they brought in a family of singers from Branson to make lovely music for us. They were definitely the highlight of the fireside this week. They had us down to the travel offices this week to sign some papers for our visa applications, which still haven't been sent in; they told us that we are not likely to have them on time. Speaking of Brother Malcolm, I have run into Elder Malcolm a couple times since he showed up here two weeks ago. He seems to be doing well, although my Japanese isn't quite good enough to know for certain. Congratulations on getting a job, Mom. I hope you have lots of fun. I had planned on sending a Christmas card home, but, here at the MTC, they are dearer than gold, so I haven't been able to get my hands on one. This is probably going to have to be my Christmas card so Merry Christmas. Hope you're all doing well,
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