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Wed, 14 Mar 2012

Cold? What’s a Little Cold to an Alaskan?

I know I've griped about how cold it can be in Anchorage (true to form: my car thermometer said 6F this morning).

But the people who live here year 'round, year after year, don't let a little cold get in their way of a fun time!

Witness the fairway laid out for the week of the Fur Rendezvous (affectionately and illiterately known as the Fur Rondy around here) and the Ceremonial Start of the Iditarod:


Nobody's on the rides at the moment I took the photo because they're all on Fourth Street for the Ceremonial Start. Don't let that fool you!


In case you missed my comments about it being cold, allow me to show you this evidence:


This is the starting point of a several mile walk that follows a scaled-down path through our solar system. Mercury and Venus are both less than two blocks away, while Pluto (yes, it still has Pluto despite that celestial body's demotion to planetoid) is out past the airport.

But just so you don't miss the point: that's right, folks. It's so cold in Alaska, it even snows on the sun!


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