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Mon, 01 Jan 2018

November and December 2017

I set a goal to have my blog updated by the time Christmas break was over. Once again, I am having technical difficulties. This time it is my phone that is the problem. I need a new phone but have been putting off getting one because I hate learning how to use a new phone and I hate the fact that they only last two years or so. I hate disposable electronics. Oh well, things keep breaking on my phone and I think I can make do, but now I can't seem to transfer the pictures. That may be the last straw.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and post about Thanksgiving even without pictures. Normally my blog is just a way to post my pictures, but now I may  have to actually write something…we'll see how that works.

Since Melody and Calvin spent Christmas with us  last year, they planned to spend Thanksgiving with us this year. We reserved our timeshare in Eden, Utah, so that neither they nor Bryan would not have to drive too far. This year for the first time, both Marc and I had the whole week off. We were really looking forward to it. I thought that we might have snow and would maybe even do a little cross-country skiing, something we hadn't done for a long time.

Well, it looked a little like winter when we arrived, but it rained the first night we were there, and all the snow melted. After that, it was sunny and warm. That was OK because Melody, Calvin, and Bryan all already get their fill of snow. The timeshare had a lot to do. We played racquetball, pool, took walks, sat in the jacuzzi, and played games, in addition to eating. I loved the racquetball and vowed to play more when I got home, but have not done that as yet. Melody and Calvin also brought some homework and so worked on that. They had robots to build for a class they were taking together, and Melody had drawing to do. 

The timeshare was smaller than we had expected, so I was a little worried that we'd be able to fix a whole turkey dinner in the little kitchen. We managed. There was a great little market just about a mile away and we ran to the store practically every day we were there, in spite of the fact that I'd tried to plan and bring what I thought we would need. The last day I took a picture of all six of us standing in the tiny kitchen to show that we'd all fit. I wish I could show you the picture. We are all so cute.

The last day, we all drove to Ogden and went to the air museum there. It was a pretty nice museum, with a lot of planes to look at. Since the weather was so nice, it was a real treat to be outside for awhile in such a pretty place.

After this trip, we headed home. In early December, I flew to Fresno to spend some Christmas time with Mom and Wayne. Katie was there too, so that was nice to see her too. We did the traditional bowling thing. We seemed to roll more gutter balls than usual. I lost, but I always have hope that one of these trips I will be amazing. Maybe I should practice so that happens. Right after I get good at racquetball…

Christmas this year was going to be quiet. Bryan had to work on Christmas, but was planning to came for the New Year. Melody and Calvin were going to Malad, but ended up staying in Rexburg because of bad weather. So the three of us, Marc, Thomas, and I, had a quiet Christmas. We did the usual, watched movies, ate quiche, opened presents, ate ham, drank eggnog. It was relaxing. 

On the 27th, we celebrated our 26th anniversary by taking Thomas to get his wisdom teeth out… He had made the appointment, and it needed to get done, so we went ahead. It all went fairly smoothly. Thomas was uncomfortable on Wednesday, so we sat together and watched movies all day. Thomas felt much better on Thursday, so Marc and I went out then for a nice dinner together. 

Bryan came home on Friday. We went to the REI garage sale on Saturday morning together, but otherwise we've just been relaxing too.I guess that I should mention that neither Bryan nor Marc are feeling very good, and Thomas has been taking it easy too, so that explains all the movie watching and relaxing.  New Years was wild, with staying up until midnight watching more movies. 

And now this blog is up to this very day. We just took down the tree together and had BBQ tri-tip for dinner. The rest of the nation is having a cold spell, so we needed to celebrate our warm weather by eating BBQ. Now that I can cross this goal off my list, I am going to join the family and watch more movies. I should mention that I still have 6 days of vacation left, so should be able to get everything done that I'd planned during these days off.

Happy New year!

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