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Sat, 27 Aug 2016

More Wedding Day

Stacy Wilkerson was Melody's Maid of Honor. Here she is waiting at the temple in Provo.


Notice the beautiful handmade bouquets. 


Here I am with my two boys, Thomas and Bryan, and my nephew Michael Dill. The flowers I am holding are also handmade.

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Sun, 21 Aug 2016

Welcome Oliver
Of course, the purpose of the trip was to celebrate the upcoming birth of Oliver Dill. It was more fun than wedding dress shopping. Lara, Melody, and I had made cupcakes for the event. 

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A Wedding Summer
Melody and I went to Utah for a baby shower for Jenny and baby Oliver. We decided that we'd take the opportunity to look at wedding dresses because we thought there would be more selection of modest dresses there than in Las Vegas. After looking at several places, we decided to buy the first dress that she had tried on. It needed alterations, but it just seemed right for her.


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Sun, 14 Aug 2016

No entries all year!

Obviously I have not written here since last summer. Why not? The only excuse that I have is that I have been tied to my computer for the whole school year as I finished my master's degree at Concordia University. It really was a terrible year in terms of free time. I would come home from long days at school to sit in front of the computer and write papers and discussion board posts. I had papers, posts, and responses to posts due every day except Sunday. And on Sundays, I tried to get most of my reading and researching done so that I could be sane for the rest of the week. It really felt like I was just trying to survive the year. I really looked forward to my graduation in May. I counted the months and days until I would be able to have some free time once again. I told myself that this summer was going to be really fun and make all the work worth it.

Yay! I did graduate in May! I am so glad to be done. Summer did not turn out as expected though because Melody decided to get married. She and Calvin would not be dissuaded to put things off for a year while I enjoyed my summer vacation, so my summer included lots of wedding planning. The wedding was last week, and so my next post will be of wedding planning and pictures. I just have to get them uploaded. 


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